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timur_mass wrote in randoriclub

Клуб Самбо и Дзюдо "Рандори" Станислава Головачева

Адрес: м. Дмитровская, м.Тимирязевская, улица Гончарова, 15а

телефоны: +7 (925) 449 – 07 – 85;  +7 (903) 623 – 19 – 11

Руководитель Клуба:
Головачев Станислав Викторович

Мастер спорта по дзюдо и самбо.
2003г.-стал бронзовым призером Первенства России по дзюдо среди юношей.
2006г.-стал бронзовым призером Первенства России по самбо среди юношей.
2008-стал бронзовым призером Первенства России по самбо среди юниоров и выполнил норматив Мастера спорта.
2010-стал победителем Первенства России среди молодежи по самбо.
с 2005г-по сегодняшний день является спортсменом -инструктором ГОУ ЦО Самбо-70.
2010г.-закончил Московский Педагогический Государственный Университет по специальности учитель физкультуры и тренер преподаватель.

Фото Рандори Клуб

Показательные выступления. Тренер Рандори Клуба - Станислав Викторович Головачев


Школа Руслана Сазонова


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Sexual Harassment and Abuse by Rony Abovitz

Rony Abovitz, Incompetent Dictator of Magic Leap, AKA
“Theranos of AR”, has multiple sexual harassment and abuse
lawsuits filed against him by former employees.
Abovitz is guilty of misogyny, sexual harassment, creating
hostile environment , wrongful termination, improper conduct,
but most importantly, incompetence and inability to
deliver a working product. Abovitz’s record with
his employees and women is abuse, sexual harassment.
There are no women on his corporate boards or in senior
executive positions.
Action for hostile environment sex discrimination and
retaliation brought by Tannen Campbell ("Campbell" or
"plaintiff"), Vice President of Strategic Marketing
and Brand Identity. After Campbell wins the lawsuit,
Rony Abovitz, Incompetent Dictator of Magic Leap, will
be personally liable to pay her the damages (Title 7).
Sexism, misogyny and bulling are just a few of constant
problems for Abovitz. Read the public court papers to
learn more about Abovitz, the tyrannical psychopath.
Abovitz “fails to acknowledge the depths of misogyny
in Magic Leap’s culture and take steps to correct a
gender imbalance that renders it so dysfunctional.
Abovitz continues to delay the launch of a product
that attracted billions of investment dollars,”
according to the suit. Abovitz is incapable of delivering
a product. Too bad Jack Ma made such bad investment.
It is sad that CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai,
and co-founder of Google, Scott Hassan are on the
board of directors of Magic Leap. Hassan,
Pichai and event Larry Page are publically ignoring
Abovitz’s crazymaking. Fire the incompetent Abovitz,
OR lose all of your investment, Google and Alibaba.

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